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SOCATA MS.883 Rallye 115 (1391)


Date: -

Location: -/EBZH

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand SOCATA was registered on April 7 1971 to De Vlijt and operated by C.E.B.L.O. (Centrum Ter Bevordering van Luchtvaart Opleiding) based at Antwerp airport. Here it's seen such in its full lvery with Ceblo titles and logo just behind the window (see also upper left inset) and in the tail a logo of a well known Belgian news paper called 'Gazet Van Antwerpen' to which its registration refers. On July 21 1989 it crashed shortly after take-off at Spa aerodrome without further details and was thirty (!!!) years later cancelled from the register, namely on August 30 2019.


Belgian register