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Cessna 404 (404-0855)


Date: 03/2011

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Cessna of Aerodata International Surveys, established on April 30 1992, arrived at its home base Antwerp airport on March 24 2009 as "G-OOSI" and came in the register on February 14 2011. Here seen such with small titles (see also upper left inset) alongside a German sistership, the color scheme was inhereted from its previous operator 'Ordnance Survey'. It made its final flight on December 13 2014 and after some corrosion was discovered in the wing, it was decided to withdraw it from use (at Antwerp airport). In January 2020 it was transported by road to Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) where it would be used as a foodtruck by Dutch owner Gwen Leeman from summer 2020 onwards, however no recent updates about the finalisation of this project. Before that, it was officially cancelled from the Belgian register on January 27 2016.


Belgian register