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Piper PA.18-135 Super Cub (18-3593)


Date: early 80's

Location: -/EBTX

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: build in 1954, this second hand Piper was registered on June 27 1973 to a private user (V. Melotte) which based its aircraft at Kiewit airfield. Later in spring 1979 it was sold to Royal Verviers Aviation, established on February 16 1931 and based at Verviers airfield, here seen such at its home base in their first livery (of two) without titles. In January 2007 it was for sale and later that year on September 25 indeed sold to Air-Ad based at St-Truiden Air Base. Not much flying activity did occur from 2010 onwards and later in 2012 it was again put for sale. In 2015 it was sold to Raymond's Aircraft Restoration for restoration at Antwerp airport arriving there by road on January 19 2016. On March 7 2022 it was sold to a private user (P. Mombers) and later that year on May 12 a local test flight did occur. A week later, on May 22, it departed to its new home base Grimbergen airfield and is still current.


Belgian register