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Cessna 150F (150-62054)


Date: mid 60's

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Cessna was on October 18 1965 registered to Sotramat which stood for Société de Transports Aériens Maritimes et Terrestres being established on May 7 1958 and based at Brussels Airport / Antwerp airport with at first the core business being importer of propeller driven Cessna airframes for the Benelux. Later it operated its own aircraft also for flying school activities as the depicted one carrying a green livery with their titles (see also upper left inset). On March 22 1967 it went as "OO-WIH" to Golden River Aviation Club based at Wevelgem airport. Later it went in 1970 (via Western Aviation Company) to the Kortrijk Flying Club also based at Wevelgem airport. In 1981 it moved on to a trio private owners (M. Cornelis, A. Levens & J. Voet) basing their airframe at Ursel Air Base. After a period of storage there it was on April 3 1987 sold to Aeroclub van Brasschaat based at Brasschaat airfield. Again after a period of storage from the mid nineties onwards it was as unairworthly airframe in February 1999 sold to England. After restoration it went on June 27 2001 as "G-BZJW" to a private user Reginald James Scott being cancelled from the Belgian register on the same day.


Belgian register