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Piper PA.23-160 Apache (23-576)


Date: 03/1971

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this vintage Piper Apache was on August 16 1956 factory fresh registered as "OO-PIP" for a private user (R.G. Hansez) and based its aircraft at Brussels Airport. On January 26 1960 it was reregistered as "OO-HVL" for Etablissement Henkart, Van Velsen & Laoureux (Brussels Airport). After another operator it was on December 29 1970 reregistered as "OO-NVC" for Air Training & Taxi Centre, also based at Brussels Airport. Here seen such on a visit to Antwerp airport with in the tail "ATTC" titles. In October 1972 it migrated to Antwerp based company Travair. On April 3 1978 it was cancelled from the register moving eleven days later to the English one as "G-BFSK" for A.F. Aviation Limited but was only used as ground trainer at Oxford airport and was over there cancelled from the register on December 5 1983 as permanently withdrawn from use. In April 1994 it was most probable ditched in shallow water to be used as diving object for a club north of RAF Croughton (U.K.).


Belgian register