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Cessna FR.172F (FR172-00121)


Date: 04/1973

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this almost factory fresh Cessna was registered on June 27 1969 to Publi-Air based at Grimbergen airfield, here seen in a livery without titles, except for a number in the tail for a ralley. On July 25 1975 it crashed at Wolvertem (Belgium) without casualties of the four people on board and the airframe was also repairable. On August 28 1976 the wreckage was seen at Moorsele airfield. In 1977 it was sold to a private user (M. Rutjens), also based at Grimbergen airfield. However meanwhile it's CofA did expire and it was cancelled from the register on May 12 1977.


Belgian register