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Cessna 172H (54976)


Date: 1987

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Cessna was registered to a private owner (L. Lamot) on September 12 1973 and based its aircraft at Antwerp airport. After more (private) owners in the seventies it went on May 14 1985 to the Royal Antwerp Aviation Club (R.A.A.C.) being delivered at its home base three days ealier. Here it's seen in their own livery with tiny "r.a.a.c." titles near the front window (see also left upper inset) which was adopted during spring 1986 and in the style of Delta Air Transport who was a sponser of the R.A.A.C. at that time. In April 1991 it moved on to Namur Aviation (Publi-Air) based at Namur airport but shortly afterwards, on June 16 1991, it had a fatal crash at its home base. A year later it was noted as eyecatcher near a store at Almere Haven (the Netherlands), in November 2002 seen as eyecatcher at Dick's Outdoor Adventure in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands). A decade later, on February 13 2013, it was cancelled from the register.


Belgian register