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Siai-Marchetti SF.260 (2-47)


Date: 07/1981

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Marchetti was on February 2 1972 registered to the Belgian State, department Ministry of Communications, for Ecole d’Aviation Civile / Burgerlijke Luchtvaartschool (founded in May 1952) but operated by Sabena and based at Grimbergen airfield and arrived a few weeks earlier at Brussels Airport, namely on January 15. It carried the colors of the former Belgian flag carrier with on the right hand side "Burgerlijke Luchtvaart School" titles (depicted such) and the left hand side "Ecole d'Aviation Civile" titles. After the Belgian State ended its financial support on December 31 1989, Sabena was on January 12 1990 authorized to continue these kind of operations by creating a few weeks later on January 26 a 100% subsidiary of Sabena called the Belgian Aviation School (B.A.S.), based at Grimbergen airfield. It was officially transferred to B.A.S. on January 15 1991 but the Marchetti was never used for these training flights and instead put for sale. On September 18 1991 it went to Aeroclub Sanicole established on December 27 1970 and based at Beverlo airfield. There it was severe damaged during a wheels up landing on August 1 1992 but was repaired by March 26 1994 when it made a test flight and soldiered on for another 15 years. On August 18 2009 it was cancelled from the register after been sold to Denmark for Aircombateurope and registered to them as "OY-SMM" a month later, namely on October 21.  


Belgian register