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Morane Saulnier MS.885 Super Rallye (5360)


Date: 04/1977

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Morane was registered on February 3 1971 to Etablissements Sesar based at Grimbergen airfield. On May 14 1975 it migrated to Publi-Air also based at Grimbergen airfield and five months later moving further to Western Aviation based at Amougies airfield. On March 14 1976 it went to a private owner (P. Roosen) which based its aircraft at Antwerp airport, here seen such in a livery without titles. Later in the seventies it changed more private hands starting with F. Marien (Antwerp airport) and ending with J. Vinck (Aalst airfield). On March 1 1982 it was damaged beyond repair in gale force winds while parked at Grimbergen airfield being cancelled from the register on February 9 1984.


Belgian register