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Socata Gardan GY.80 Horizon 160 (28)


Date: 1973

Location: -/EBGB

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Socata was registered on May 14 1970 to Paul Pirlot de Cordion, one of the founders of European Air Transport (EAT) which came into life on December 9 1971. His personal aircraft migrated at that date also to EAT, here seen such with tiny titles above the registration.

Date: 06/03/1976

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: in 1974 it went to New European Air Service (NEAS) which was the Piper dealer for Europe based at Brussels airport with EAT being a so called Piper Flite Center in Europe. Later in 1974 it migrated to C.E.B.L.O. (Centrum Ter Bevordering van Luchtvaart Opleiding) based at Antwerp airport, here seen such. On March 26 1981 it migrated to Flanair which based its aircraft at Wevelgem airport but the same year, on August 10, it was cancelled from the register as two days earlier it migrated to England as "G-BJAV" for private user Raymond Pickott.


Belgian register