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SOCATA MS.883 Rallye 115 (1568)


Date: 06/1981

Location: -/EBSH

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh SOCATA was registered on July 30 1970 to Rentavia and used by Air Technic based at St-Hubert airfield. On May 15 1974 it migrated to a private user (C. Halconruy) basing the airframe at Grimbergen airfield. Here depicted in a livery with "Ardennes Air Chopper" titles above the registration and tiny "Air Technic" titles in the tail (see also upper left inset), all inhereted from its previous operator. On February 2 1983 it went to another private user (M. Ronveaux) also based at Namur airport. On January 29 1987 its next operator became Aero Kiewit and it ended on May 18 1994 with a private user (F. Smolders) basing its aircraft at Antwerp airport. Its CofA expired on March 20 1995, was laid up in a hangar on the north side of the airport and used as instructional airframe by SITO-4 (Stedelijk Lyceum Paardenmarkt in Antwerp). After the owner Smolders passed away in 2003, ownership changed to SITO-4 and it was cancelled from the register on January 22 2004. It was seen partly disassambled in the same hangar on June 23 2009, still used as instructional airframe with "Styl Aviation" titles in the tail.


Belgian register