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Grob G.109 (6021)


Date: 1988

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Grob was registered on June 22 1981 to a private user (G. Descamps) basing its aircraft at Charleroi airport. Later on March 7 1985 it migrated to the Vlaamse Zweefvlieg Akademie, established on October 13 1975 and based at Antwerp airport. Here seen such at its home base a couple of years later in a livery without titles but with tiny club logo on the tail. On September 25 1987 it was involved in an accident when after engine troubles it crashlanded in a field at Wenduine (Belgium). Luckely no casulaties of the two people on board and it was repaired afterwards. After been for sale since October 1991 it was on May 11 1992 cancelled from the register migrating a month later on June 30 to the Netherlands as "PH-970" for Aeroclub Valkenburg.


Belgian register