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Nord 1203 Norécrin II (100)


Date: mid 60's

Location: -/EBGT

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Nord Norécrin, build in 1948, was on July 2 1962 bought by Aero Nord, based at Moorsele airfield and registered to them on June 19 1963, receiving its CofA a week later, namely on June 28. On March 12 1964 it migrated to a couple private users (J. Germis & H. Verhaeghe) which based their aircraft at Ghent airfield, here seen such at its home base in a livery without titles inhereted from the previous operator. At an unknown date it had an emergency landing with retracted gear at Lille airport (France) after a wheel fell off just after takeoff and afterwards it was stored there awaiting repairs. But after a dispute with the restorator it was sold by the French customs for unpaid debts without consulting the owners. Its CofA did expire on November 9 1967 and remained in open storage at Lille airport for at least five years, last noted there on August 22 1972. Later it was transported by road to a location 5 km from Hasselt (Belgium) being used as eyecatcher for a clothes store called "St-Jo", seen there for the first time on September 28 1973. It was cancelled from the register on November 22 1976. Later on April 29 1978 it was at the same spot seen as eyecatcher for a company called "Eurorent" and late 2021 they moved the airframe to a new location at Houthalen (Belgium).


Belgian register