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Cessna U.206G Stationair II (U206-06173)


Date: 1982

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: used by the Cessna Pilot Center of Abelag Aviation for sky diving, this factory fresh Cessna was registered to them on July 15 1981 and did carry small titles in the tail (see also upper left inset), here depicted such. On August 8 1982 it had a non-fatal crash near Lokeren (Belgium) and was afterwards seen dismantled in the Abelag hangar at Brussels airport for repairs. It migrated on February 1 1985 to Para Centrum Oud-Turnhout as "OO-VOB" where it stayed till it left Antwerp airport on July 7 1997 for the States where it was cancelled on January 23 1998 as "N669DV" for Barry Adventure Travel.


Belgian register