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Siai Marchetti S.208 (1-14)


Date: 25/05/1974

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Marchetti S.208 was on July 2 1973 registered to Aviation Spare Parts Europe (A.S.P.E.) based at Charleroi airport, here seen such in its first livery without titles on a visit to Antwerp airport.

Date: 07/1982

Location: -

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: seen in its second livery, still without titles. On February 23 1983 it migrated to Transmarcom-air, an Antwerp airport based flying unit affiliated with transport company "Transmarcom" which was formed in 1979 without changing the outfit and without titles. On June 29 1984 it was cancelled from the register moving to the Luxembourg one as "LX-FLY" retaining the same yellow livery.


Belgian register