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Grumman AA.1B Trainer 2 (AA1B-0466)


Date: late 70's

Location: -/EBTX

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Grumman was on March 2 1977 registered to a private user (P. Delisse) and based its aircraft at Charleroi airport. From June 1978 onwards it was at disposal to the local flying club Aéro Club de Charleroi which was established on May 18 1978, here seen with their titles above the registration.

Date: 09/1981

Location: CRL/EBCI

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: here seen with an additional tail logo of this club with in the back sistership OO-PMS. After it went out of business in 1985, the airframe migrated the same year on January 31 to Transport International Aeriens (TIA) and also based at Charleroi airport. On July 27 1987 it went to a private user (R. Janssens), based at Charleroi airport. On June 11 1991 it migrated to another private user (M. Gregoire) and later that year on August 30 moving further to Papa Tango Charlie sc, both based at Charleroi airport. In 1994 it went to D.C. Air Service sc also based at Charleroi airport. Its last movement in the Belgian register was on June 25 2014 to Have A Look sprl based Saint-Ghislain airfield. While with this operator it moved to the English register as "G-CIPT" on November 6 2015 being cancelled in the Belgian one on February 8 2016. Ownership changed to a Belgian private owner (J-C Vanderstricht) on March 19 2018 based at Namur airport. And with this owner it changed once more to another register, namely the French one as "F-HITP" on September 29 2022.


Belgian register