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Reims/Cessna F.172M (F172-01044)


Date: 06/08/1979

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Cessna (build by Reims) was on September 5 1977 registered to Publi-Air based at Grimbergen airfield. Here it's seen on a visit to Antwerp airport in a livery without titles inhereted from its previous American operator. On December 2 1981 it moved to a private user (W. Renson) initially based at Schaffen airfield, followed in 1984 to Beverlo airfield and ending at Kiewit airfield. In 1990 it went unofficially to a private user (M. Vandekerckhoven) based at Kiewit airfield and ultimate on April 30 2003 it migrated to Vliegclub Hoevenen (established on October 18 1973 and based at Hoevenen airfield) where it's still current.


Belgian register