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Reims/Cessna F.152 (F152-01497)


Date: 1978

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Cessna (build by Reims) was on May 29 1978 registered as "OO-HNP" to Abelag Aviation (established in 1964) arriving shortly afterwards on June 8 at Brussels Airport where it was laid up. A few weeks later, on June 21, it migrated to a private owner (R. Hendrickx) as "OO-CNP", here seen captured in a blue livery without titles. From March 4 1987 onwards a handful changes in ownership did occur whereby in 1997 it was completely rebuild and received also an updated livery. In 2010 the final owner was New CAG and with this operator it had on June 5 2012 a fatal accident at St Hubert airfield, but luckely without casualties. A report of this accident can be found here. After been stripped it was rebuild and still exists as a ground flight simulator in Nieuwerkerk (the Netherlands).


Belgian register