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Stinson L.5B-VW Sentinel (76-3401)


Date: 08/1981

Location: -/EBDT

Photo: Dirk Geerts

Description: this vintage 1944 build Stinson (former airframe of Prins Bernard of the Netherlands) was registered on September 15 1967 to Aeropan Luchtreklame mainly used for towing banners and based at Zwartberg airfield. Here it's seen such in a livery carrying these titles in the tail. On June 7 1975 it had an incident at its home base when a propeller broke-off when towing a glider but landed safely and was repaired afterwards. After been for sale since April 1989 it left Zwartberg airfield for The Netherlands later that year on December 3 being two days later cancelled from the register. It migrated half a year later on April 11 1990 as "PH-PBB" to Stichting Dutch Dakota Association.


Belgian register