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Cessna 310B (35630)


Date: 18/09/1974

Location: OST/EBOS

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Cessna was on June 8 1962 registered to Sabena but arrived at Brussels Airport four years earlier on February 18 1958 and was a month later on March 5 leased to Air Congo as "OO-CES", re-registered "9O-CES" on February 10 1961 (so both in the Congolese register). It was used by Ecole d’Aviation Civile / Burgerlijke Luchtvaartschool (founded in 1952) and based at Grimbergen airfield providing training for future Sabena pilots, here seen such in its second livery without titles on a training flight at Ostend airport. On October 10 1979 it was damaged when belly landed at Grimbergen airfield and was since laid up there being cancelled from the register on February 14 1984. A year later on November 19 it went to the Brussels Air Museum for a future display which still didn't materialize and is since 2017 laid up at a military depot in Landen (Belgium) after been stored in other military depots before.


Belgian register