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Rockwell Commander 700 (70019)


Date: 02/1984

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Rockwell Commander 700 was registered to a consortium which consists of Fragimar, R.T. Aviation and Travair (with abbreviation in regi) on February 10 1984 but arrived earlier at its home base Antwerp airport as "PH-ZUS" of a previous Dutch operator 'Recreatiecentrum Zwartven'. Here its seen in a livery without titles, all inhereted from its previous owner. After been sold to S.K.B.M. on March 28 1989, it left Antwerp airport for Wevelgem airport a week later on April 7 when sold to Western Air Trading migrating one day later to Grainges & Graver International. A lease to Sky-Service did occur in 1990 and on July 5 of that year it went to Traffic Books based at Antwerp airport. On April 28 1991 it left for the States being sold to Cannon Express Corporation as "N9919S" and was cancelled from the Belgian register on May 8 1991.


Belgian register