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Taken at Brussels in 1992, Emb-110 Bandeirante leased from French operator Britt Air. (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Kortrijk, Ghent
Fleet: 3x F27 (OO-FEI, OO-FEK, OO-FEL) +2x leased (F-GBRV, D-ADUP), 1x Emb-120 leased (G-BRAZ), 2x Emb-110 (OO-SKU, OO-SKW / LX-SKS / F-GFYZ) +2x leased (F-GBGA, G-BTAA), 1x Casa 212 (OO-FKY), 1x Cessna F406 Caravan (OO-TIZ), 1x Cessna 402 (OO-SVD), 1x Beech 56TC Baron (OO-FAN), 2x Embraer Xingu (OO-SXC, OO-SXE), 1x Rockwell Commander 700 (OO-FRT)
History: although active since 1975, Sky-Service was officially founded on March 19 1985 by Bart and Gerard Foucart. Business was focused on air publicity and air-taxi operations with Piper aircraft till 1989. Afterwards several Embraer 110 were leased for pax/cargo/medical transport (also for third parties). Later on, one Casa 212 and three F27s were briefly used on intra European parcel network of Fedex, but the Fokkers were transferred to subsidiary Sky Freighters before the American carrier ended this contract in May 1992. In October 1993 a scheduled pax service between Kortrijk-Wevelgem and Stansted was opened with an Embraer Bandeirante, temporary suspended between February-October 1994 and later transferred to Euro Direct BelgiŽ, the new name of reviving Sky Freighters. During 2000 Sky-Service became part of the largest business aviation group in the Benelux called "Westlink" and also owner of Abelag Aviation. With the phasing out of its last Bandeirante in 2003, business is focused on executive and medical transport, air-taxi operations and broker (like for Beech aircrafts). On December 14 2011, it was officially renamed to Abelag Aviation NV. Note: in 2013 the Abelag Group was aquired by Luxaviation and rebranded as Luxaviation Belgium in 2016, but the affiliated company at Wevelgem airport remained under the same name "Abelag Aviation NV". Also at Brussels Airport the name "Abelag Handling" founded on February 18 1964 remains unchanged.


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