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Siai Marchetti S-205-18F (3-41)


Date: 09/1967

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Marchetti S-205 was via SIAI dealer A. Delhamende on April 3 1967 registered to the Royal Antwerp Aviation Club (R.A.A.C.) established on November 3 1927, here seen such in a livery without titles. Its registration refers to Jacques de Bruyn, the steering man behind the maintenance division 'Antwerp Aviation Works' were all aircraft of R.A.A.C. are overhauled. It remained such till it migrated on April 12 1979 to a private owner (G. Van Poucke) which based its aircraft at Wevelgem airport. On June 24 1980 it moved on to another couple private users (E. Van Steenkiste & H. Schutte), also based at Wevelgem airport. On January 28 1981 it had a ground accident at Wevelgem airport when during an engine run test the breaks released and ran into a wall resulting in a write-off. Later it was later seen as eyecatcher in front of a cafe at Kortrijk (Belgium) and on April 24 1986 it was cancelled from the register.


Belgian register