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Douglas DC-3-227B (2094)


Date: 1939

Location: BRU/EBBR (Haren)

Photo: collection Christian Ueten

Description: this Sabena DC3 airframe, build in license by Fokker at Antwerp airport, was the second Douglas product for the Belgian flag carrier. It arrived at Haren during April 1939 and was operational till May 1940. Here captured in their first color scheme, but due to the war threat, it wore from September 1939 on an orange color scheme with additional large "Belgique" titles being solely used for services between Haren and Shoreham (England). These were halted on May 10 1940 when the German Army invaded Belgium and the airframe went the next day to the Royal Air Force whereby a camouflage outfit was adopted.

Date: 05/1940

Location: Arques (France)

Photo: collection Christian Ueten

Description: on May 23 1940 it crash-landed near Arques (France) when hit by anti-aircraft fire and part of the left wing was torn off over Calais when enroute Merville-London. Afterwards the pilot and a passenger were shot down by the German Army whereby the airframe was also destroyed.


Belgian register