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Boeing 737-43Q (28491)


Date: 06/2000

Location: ORY/LFPO

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: City Bird B737 wearing the full colors and baptized "Parrot". Delivered on April 28 2000 it was operational till April 10 2001 when leased to French subsidiary City Bird France.

Date: 04/2001

Location: CDG/LFPG

Photo: Michel-Saint Felix

Description: with City Bird France, reregistered "F-GLTG" it did wear at first the full colors of City Bird.

Date: 30/05/2001

Location: LIL/LFQQ

Photo: Charles Bargibant

Description: depicted with additional "France" titles. It remained operational till the demise of the mother company on October 4 2001.

Date: 15/11/2001

Location: LIL/LFQQ

Photo: Charles Bargibant

Description: it remained stored for a while at Lille and was over there on November 13 2001 cancelled to the lessor as "N120AF". Depicted here two days later, still in full CityBird outfit. It left to Lisbon on February 1 2002 for a maintenance check and became a couple months later operational for SATA (of Portugal).


Belgian register