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Boeing 767-33A(ER) (28495)


Date: 05/1998

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: second B767 for City Bird and baptized "Harrier", this airframe did only wear a white color scheme. Delivered on May 14 1998, here depicted just after its arrival with a white tail.

Date: 01/1999

Location: MXP/LIMC

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: with tail logo and tiny "Lauda" titles beside the cockpit window on a lease to Lauda Italy between December 16 1998 and January 31 1999.

Date: 28/02/1999

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: Skystef

Description: seen after this lease.

Date: 01/2001

Location: CDG/LFPG

Photo: Christian Laugier

Description: leased to Cameroon Airtlines in white colors between December 1 2000 and January 28 2001.

Date: 07/2001

Location: LTN/EGGW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: when returned to the lessor, it was leased to Ansett Australia. Depicted with the Belgian registration, it became shortly afterwards "VH-BZI".


Belgian register