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 Embraer 120RT Brasilia (120235)


Date: 10/07/1993

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: Skystef

Description: this Brasilia airframe is wearing the only color scheme with DAT. Delivered on November 11 1990 it was operational till February 1996.

Date: 09/1996

Location: ORY/LFPO

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: leased for one year to Flandre Air starting from February 1996 on, wearing all white colors and small "Flandre Air" titles on the engines and below cockpit window.

Date: 04/1997

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: after this lease temporary stored at Brussels in all white markings.

Date: 12/08/1998

Location: EIN/EHEH

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: on August 28 1997 it was cancelled to The Netherlands. Prior delivery depicted with Belgian registration.


Belgian register