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Vickers 610 Viking 1B (223)


Date: 1958

Location: BSL/LFSB

Photo: Peter Frei

Description: Aviameer Airlines sole aircraft Vickers Viking wearing the full red colors. It was registered on April 29 1958 and after a respray in their color scheme at Frankfurt was shortly afterwards ferried to Brussels for the paper work. When it arrived at its home base Antwerp on May 20 it was baptised "Sinjoor" and was little over two years operational when on May 15 1960 it conducted its final flight as shortly afterwards the company ceased and the airframe was broken up at Souhend in November 1961. 

Date: 18/06/1959

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: seen at its home base.


Belgian register