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Boeing 737-3M8 (24377)



Date: 04/07/1991

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: Skystef

Description: this B737-300 airframe of TEA was delivered on May 18 1989 and served the airline till September 9 1991. During its stay with TEA, it wore only one color scheme.

Date: 12/1990

Location: MIA/KMIA

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: between November 11 1990 and May 21 1991 leased to Aruba.

Date: 11/1991

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this airframe went to successor European Airlines. At first, very little was done on the color scheme. 

Date: 09/1992

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: a bit later with full titles and all blue tail, it served the airline between December 1 1991 and October 17 1992.

Date: 12/1992

Location: CGN/EDDK

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: leased to Saarland Airlines between October 17 1992 and November 21 1993. Depicted with Belgian registration, it became "D-AASL". After this lease the airframe did not reenter the Belgian register and was ferried to the States.


Belgian register