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Douglas C-47A-1-DK Skytrain (11979)


Date: 30/10/1961

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: collection Christian Ueten

Description: this airframe of Sabena was delivered at Tripoli on September 1 1961 for internal Libyan services, here captured in the basic Sabena colors without titles on a maintenance visit shortly after its delivery.

Date: 22/08/1962

Location: TIP/HLLT

Photo: collection Radoje Jelic

Description: after this overhaul it departed in February 1962 to Libya for Linair most probable in the full Sabena outfit, here depicted such, and only at a later stage changing to Linair's livery as shown below.

Date: 29/09/1965

Location: TIP/HLLT

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: seen stored at Tripoli with "Linair" titles. On July 1 1965 Sabena ended it's link with Libya and the operational side was taken over by another Belgian company BIAS who continued under the Linair brand.

Date: 03/1969

Location: Great Sand Sea (Libya)

Photo: collection Christian Ueten

Description: its undercarriage collapsed when landing on soft sand in Great Sand Sea (Libya) on March 28 1969 without casualties among the 17 occupants. It was never repaired and remained on site.  

Date: -

Location: Great Sand Sea (Libya)

Photo: Ali Mohmad

Description: it was most presumable rediscovered and seen derelict, half covered by sand on July 16 2007, here an image of the same author which saw it but this time with an unknown date.


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