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Belgian weather blog June 2005

Weather news
1 Nice spring day with quite some sunshine + some Cu clouds. Invading Ci Cs late afternoon. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 22,1C, Zaventem had 19,4C.
2 Some rain around 0200. Breaking Sc clouds during forenoon & becoming cumuliform during afternoon and clearing towards the evening. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 22,9C, Zaventem had 22,2C.
3 Sunny moments in Ci Cs. Later formation of some flat Cu. After 1800 building TCu, and around 1930 passage of weak thunderstorm with 5' heavy rain : 2 mm. Today some severe thunderstorms including bow-echos did occur over provinces of West-Vlaanderen and Namur. Hail was reported over the coastal area, a gust of 44KT was observed at St-Hubert. Top Tmax Kleine Brogel: 29,0C, Deurne 28,1C, Zaventem had 25,7C. Top rainfall 2000-2000: Koksijde 21 mm, Ostend 19 mm. Check also the full weather report of this day.
4 Windy maritime showery day. First one came in around 0800, last around 1500: 3 mm. During the afternoon a weak thunderstorm did occur over province of Antwerp. Top Tmax Kleine Brogel 19,9C, Zaventem had 
5 Very cloudy day with during the afternoon some light rainshowers. Zaventem had 16,7C.
6 Overcast till noon, then a light shower followed by a few breaks, enlarging towards sunset. Zaventem had 16,9C.
7 Windy "cold" day with lots of Cu Sc clouds, enlarging breaks towards sunset. Top Tmax barely 15,9C which was observed at Kleine Brogel, Zaventem had 14,5C.
8 Sunny day with a few fair weather Cu and later some cirrus and cirrocumulus clouds. Tmin garden was 4,6C. Lowest Tmin in the air was at Elsenborn: 1,5C. A few stations had negative ground minima: Elsenborn -3C, St-Hubert, Chivres and Deurne -1C. Top Tmax: Deurne 19,6C, Zaventem had 17,7C.
9 Another "cold" night, but with no (ground)frost anymore. Gardens Tmin 5,1C, Lowest Tmin at Elsenborn 1,5C, lowest ground Tmin was 0C at Zaventem and Chivres. Lovely sunny day with a few Cu clouds. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 21,3C, Zaventem had 19,6C.
10 Partly cloudy with scattered cumulus today. Towards sunset more Sc sheets from N. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 24,1C.
11 Cloudy to very cloudy with Cu Sc clouds with a "cold" northerly wind. After 1700 breaking clouds with a few Cu, Ac and Ci clouds. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 17,3C.
12 Cold night with Tmin Elsenborn 0,9C. St-Hubert had -1C on the ground. Partly cloudy forenoon with Cu clouds. More Cu Sc during the afternoon, after 2000 some light showers did occur. Top Tmax: Diest 18,7C, Zaventem had 17,1C.
13 Showery rain between 0200-0400 giving 1 mm. Cu Sc cloudy forenoon, becoming less dense in afternoon. Top Tmax Kleine Brogel 19,9C, Zaventem had 18,6C.
14 Sunny day with only some cirriform clouds in forenoon & early afternoon. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 24,9C, Zaventem had 22,4C. From 2245 on some bright noctilucent clouds in N which moved quite rapid from E to W.
15 A few hours before sunrise again bright noctilucent clouds in NE, moving westwards. After a sunny forenoon, increasing high clouds followed by medium level clouds. Some slight rain between 1700-1900, afterwards temporary breaking clouds from W. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 27,3C, Zaventem had 23,9C.
16 Showery rain between 0030-0130 giving < 1mm. Partly cloudy Ac Cu Sc till 1600, afterwards very cloudy. Slight intermittent rain from 2000 on. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 25,8C, .Zaventem had 23,8C.
17 Very cloudy Sc conditions lasting all day long, sometimes even a spot of rain. Top Tmax Kleine Brogel: 24,7C.
18 Very cloudy Sc till 1000, sky clear from 1500 on. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 28,8C, Zaventem had 27,7C.
19 Hot sunny day, during the afternoon some cirrus visible in the west. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 32,8C, Chivres 32,7C, Diest 32,5C. Zaventem had 31,7C. From 2300 till 0045 again noctilucent clouds in the north, moving quite rapid from E to W. These were a bit less bright than on the occasion of the 14-15th.
20 Between 0230-0315 again noctilucent clouds, but far in the north and quickly disappearing. Hot sunny day with cirriform cloud fields, later also a few Ac virga. All official stations, but Koksijde (29,9C), had Tmax > 30C. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 36,3C, Bierset 34,8C, Brasschaat 34,7C. Zaventem had 33,9C.
21 Quite sunny day, but with lots of cirrus and even a sun pillar at sunset. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 29,8C. Zaventem had 26,8C.
22 Before sunrise another sun pillar was briefly visible. Partly cloudy weather with cirriform & tempo flat cumulus clouds. After 2330 very faint noctilucent clouds were visible in the far north (<10 above horizon). Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 29,0C. Zaventem had 27,1C
23 Another hot and mostly sunny day. In the late afternoon Ac virga came in from SW. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 33,8C, Ghent 33,1C, Gosselies 32,9C, Beauvechain & Chivres 32,8C, Bierset 32,7C. Zaventem had 32,0C.  
24 Sunny day with a few cumulus. Temperatures even higher today with top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 35,6C, Diest 34,5C, Deurne 33,8C, Gosselies 33,6C, Chievres 33,0C & Beauvechain 33,2C. Zaventem had 32,7C. During the evening one single cell thunderstorm was observed over northern parts of province Limbourg.
25 Some lightning between midnight and 0400 in the west and north. Weak thunder was heard around 0100. It stayed dry and only around 0900 a few spots of rain were counted. Partly cloudy to cloudy with strengthening NE-lies. Top Tmax: Diest 28,3C. Zaventem had 27,7C. Today some moderate to severe thunderstorms were observed between midnight and 0400 over provinces of West & Oost-Vlaanderen and Antwerp. In the morning and afternoon some weaker thunderstorms did occur over provinces of Liege and Luxembourg. Maximum rainfall 0800-0800 was 11 mm at Koksijde. 
26 Quite sunny day with cirriforms clouds and tempo a few cumulus humilis. A thunderstorm did occur in afternoon over south of province Luxembourg. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 25,9C. Zaventem had 24,8C.
27 Sunny day with some cirrus, late afternoon tempo some high cumulus clouds. A few thunderstorms did form late afternoon over province Liege and Luxembourg. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 29,5C. Zaventem had 28,4C.
28 Sunny day with later invasion of Cs en Ac from the south. From 2300 on lightning in the south with thunder heard from 2315 on, but remaining dry till midnight. Top Tmax: Florennes 30,0C. Zaventem had 28,6C.
29 First thundery burst of rain around 0015: 14 mm within half an hour. Around 0115 a second thundery burst with 5 mm. Clearing skies from 0300 on. After a sunny forenoon developing TCu en Cb with thundery outbreaks between 1400 and 1900. Rain remained till midnight. A total of 22 mm was collected during day time. Top Tmax: Gosselies 31,0C, Zaventem had 27,3C. Today moderate to severe thunderstorms did occur over Belgium. A first wave did occur in the early night. Top rainfall accumulation was at Brasschaat: 34 mm, Beauvechain 32 mm and Retie 26 mm. Second wave started from 1300 on. Top rainfall accumulation was at Gosselies 61 mm, Chivres 57 mm, Ukkel 26 mm and Zaventem 25 mm. A gust of 59KT was observed at Beauvechain at 1536. Hailstones of 2-3 cm diameter were reported in Aalst. Full weather report of the first nightly thundery burst to be found via this link.
30 Rain eased off around 0030. Remaining very cloudy till 0500, breaking clouds. Developing Cu in forenoon with showers from 1330 till 1700 giving 7 mm of rain. Brightening skies with Cu. Towards sunset invading Cb anvil from SW giving a moderate thunderstorm between 2330 and 0115. A total of 17 mm was collected. Top Tmax: Bierset 25,3C. Zaventem had 23,6C.

Note: all times are Central European Time



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