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Belgian weather blog July 2009

Weather news
TxBE (°C)
TxBR (°C)
1 In the morning some mist and scattered St. Afterwards quite sunny with tempo some fair weather Cu.  
bl 30,5
2 Quite sunny with some Cu. Today, in the evening, some weak to moderate thunderstorms over province of Hainaut & West Vlaanderen. bl 32,6 30,8
3 Quite sunny with a mixture of Cu, Sc, Ac & Ci. Today, in early night / morning some weak to moderate thunderstorms over provinces Namur, Hainaut, West- & Oost-Vlaanderen and extreme northwest of province Vlaams-Brabant. From noon also over Luxembourg, Liège, Antwerp and Limbourg.
bl 31,6
4 During the early morning another noctilucent display: time-lapse and pic 1 & 2. Quite sunny with some Cu. bl 28,6 25,9
5 Starting quite sunny with some Sc. Forenoon Cu, around 1600 a rain shower with a couple rumbles of thunder = 4 mm. Today, from the afternoon on, weak to moderate thunderstorms over all provinces except West-Vlaanderen. Locally with flash flooding over the south. bl 30,3 27,8
6 Partly cloudy to cloudy with Cu, Sc. Heavy shower around 1230 with weak thunderstorms features = 13 mm. Another moderate rain shower around 1800 = 4 mm, this time with some near lightning. Check also a time-lapse of this shower. Today, from noon, weak to moderate thunderstorms over all provinces.  bl 25,1 23,3
7 Starting quite sunny , in forenoon becoming cloudy with Cu. Briefly a heavy rain shower around 1430 = 5 mm. Some rumbles of thunder in the north were heard around 1645, this shower in vicinity has been covered by this time-lapse. Some drops around 1830 of a fading shower, again a heavy shower around 2330 = 4 mm. Today, from noon till evening, some weak to moderate thunderstorms over all provinces. bl 22,3 20,1
8 Very cloudy with showery rain all period long, total 13 mm. Today, during the night, weak thunderstorms over north over province Antwerp, early afternoon also over Limbourg. Offshore Ostend, a waterspout did occur for 5 minutes around 1015 . ci 19,3 18,4
9 Very cloudy to overcast with showery rain between noon and 2200 = 7 mm. Today, from noon, a few rumbles of thunder over provinces, Hainaut, Brabant & Antwerp. sz 21,6 18,6
10 Very cloudy to overcast with Sc. A few drops around 1930. Nice sunset. bt 19,4 18,2
11 Very cloudy to overcast with Cu, Sc. Couple showers from noon till 2000 = 3 mm. bl 20,6 18,4
12 Light to moderate rain 0300-0800 = 6 mm. Remaining very cloudy with Sc, a few drops around 1400, afterwards large breaks with Cu. From 2250, again a very nice display of noctilucent clouds: pic1, pic2, pic3 and a time-lapse. bl 23,8 22,8
13 Between 0300-0515 a bright appearance of nocticulent clouds: pic1, pic2, pic3 and a time-lapse. Starting quite sunny with some Ci, from 0900 cloudy with Ac, later also Cu. After 2300 again some noctilucent clouds in the far north, between other clouds. ci, fs 25,0 23,3
14 Partly cloudy with Ci, from 1000 also Cu. From 2230 on, very bright noctilucent clouds: pic and time-lapse. Today, during the late evening, a few rumbles of thunder over the extreme north of province Oost-Vlaanderen. bl 27,5 25,2
15 Between 0400-0500, again very bright noctilucent clouds: pic1 + pic2 and time-lapse. Partly cloudy with Cu, Sc evening also Ac. Well after sunset, a weak display of noctilucent clouds in the far north. dt 25,6 24,4
16 Quite sunny with some Ci and from noon also a few Cu. After 2300 invading Cs from SW. bl 28,5 26,3
17 Some lightning in the (far) west around 0100 & 0300. Light showery rain 0300-0630 = 2 mm. After 0900 cloudy to partly cloudy with Cu, Sc. Light showers 1200 & 2030. Today, just after midnight, moderate (isolated severe due to gusts) thunderstorms over West- & Oos-Vlaanderen. By the morning also over Luxembourg, Liège & Limbourg.   bl 23,6 21,5
18 Around 0300 tempo moderate rain = 3 mm. Partly cloudy to cloudy with Cu, Sc. bl 22,6 21,4
19 Due to annual holiday no reports of the local weather till the end of the month. Around noon a weak thunderstorm over the east of province Brabant, afternoon also over Limbourg. bl 21,8 20,5
20   dt 22,8 21,5
21 From late afternoon formation of some severe thunderstorms (supercells) over provinces Hainaut, Oost-Vlaanderen, Brabant, Antwerp & Limbourg. At some locations in Limbourg (like at Houthalen) hailstones with diameter of 5 cm came down. At Lint (Antwerp) a pylon fell down due to severe gusts. gh 30,3 28,8
22 After midnight moderate to heavy thunderstorms over provinces Luxembourg, Liège and Limbourg lasting till morning.  During the late evening again severe thunderstorms (supercells) over province Liege, weaker ones over provinces Namur, Limbourg, Hainaut and Oost-Vlaanderen. bl 28,7 26,7
23 During early morning moderate thunderstorms over province Luxembourg. During the evening over Luxembourg, Liège and Namur. fn 21,9 20,6
24 Early afternoon a few rumbles of thunder over provinces Oost-Vlaanderen & Antwerp. Late afternoon also over Hainaut, Oost-Vlaanderen, Brabant, Luxembourg, Namur & Liège. dt 23,1 22,0
25 During the afternoon some thunderstorms over provinces Limbourg & Liège bl, be 22,9 21,5
26   dt 26,3 24,7
27 Around noon a few rumbles of thunder over the provinces Hainaut, Brabant & Liège. bl 27,9 25,9
28   bl 24,3 22,9
29 Late evening moderate thunderstorms over provinces Brabant, Antwerp, Namur, Liège & Luxembourg bl 27,4 25,9
30 Early night some thunders were heard along the Belgian west coast. Check also the pictorial report. bl 22,9 21,7
31   bl 23,3 22,4

Note: all times are Central European Time

Legend: TxBE (°C) = Top Tmax Belgium, TxBR (°C) = Tmax Zaventem. aw = Deurne, be = Beauvechain, bl = Kleine Brogel, br = Zaventem, bt = Beitem, ci = Charleroi, cv = Chièvres, dt = Diest, er = Ernage, fn = Koksijde, fs = Florennes, gh = Ghent, lb = Elsenborn, lg = Bièrset, mr = Mont-Rigi, os = Ostend, sh = Saint-Hubert, sp = Spa, sz = Semmerzake, uk = Ukkel.


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